Finding a forgotten place

Panda eyes- cute comfortable
Lion Yawn, chatter, our legs folded the same, comfort, coughing, illness, MAN, my right leg is cold underneath, her pen taps in a pleasing way, usually annoyed. Feel comfortable in our box, our shared space, legs walking, soldiers, blue flecks in a coll space, artificial light reflecting clicking of a pen, hair parted in a straight line, sniffing, scratching our shard symmetry, A FRIEND. HELLO!! someone so far away that I;ve never met but I can hear his voice, moving waves on the floor like our shared breath earlier. Two doors to the same place but very different, one with lines going one way and one the other... special marks, the grain. When people are quiet because its not normal to see someone being quiet. SHANNON IS HUNGRY!!


Exploring my body and its surfaces... through interation with others and also on my own.

When noticing colour.. I still look at the lines and the shapes the colour holds.

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (Spoken emphasis)

Beginnings (Reflections on my moving body )

My body feels so different from where I left it with last year's movement studies.
I feel a lot more open to new ideas and movement.
My aim over the next few months, is to become more confident within my own body and my own movement.

Get to know myself and what my body needs.


Constantly falling

Constantly falling / lowered


Referring to my thoughts at the beginning of the year
             "I am interested in the use of imagery and how it can enable and aid natural and organic movement. I am also interested in learning more about my body and understanding how it moves and applying this to technique and phrase based movement"

Through my movement studies I have also realised that I have started using this research of my body to create new movements.

Be clear with movement working through the body every body part as clear as the last

Using every body part to expand to try and expand my movement vocabulary
Moving for myself but with presence, being sure of movement

Two halves

Reminding with hands on each side of the body seperately
Not an exploration
Felt I needed to explore more


Touch Taste Smell Sight Hearing